Visions of Nature

Visions of Nature explores the post-capture digital processing of nature images. We’re surrounded by nature, and a subconscious familiarity is apt to develop. What’s more, any two persons may have different impressions, different reactions upon viewing the same scene in nature.

I aim to create depictions of nature that command attention, that engage the viewer in new ways.

The early 20th Century writer, Viktor Schklovsky, suggested that a purpose of art is to render the familiar as unfamiliar (a process referred to as "defamiliarization") in order to reveal a deeper reality, leading us to views that may not immediately be recognized with the native eye. This is especially true with expressionist and post-impressionist photography. With this collection I have sought to create images of nature using this approach that the viewer may engage with anew. Most of the process of creating these images occurs during post-capture digital processing. Although I avoid patently “false” images, I do try to develop a fresh and different appreciation of the colors, textures, and patterns of nature. 

Crystaline Angels

Crystaline Angels

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