Buying Photographs

In addition to photographic art books, most images on this website are available for purchase. Various options (size, mat or no mat, framed unframed, etc) can be considered. The best approach if you are interested in acquiring a print is to contact me (see below). Prices are variable, but the following will serve as a guideline.

Visions of Nature

Most images in the Visions of Nature collection are available. The format of choice for these images is printing on large aluminum panels. Prints on aluminum are by a dye sublimation process in which heat and pressure bond the color dyes to the aluminum. The result is brilliant color and depth and a robust long-lasting print. Two mounting/framing options are available.

  • The inset metal mount is a metal frame mounted to the panel rear and inset from the edge. The panel appears to float in front of the wall.
  • The float frame is a wooden frame; the print is bonded to the front of the frame and inset from the edge. The panel appears to float within the frame.

Alternately, Visions of Nature images can be printed on high quality art paper. The print is framed.

All products are ready for hanging, and shipping within the continental US is included. A certificate of authenticity will be provided.

Visions of Nature

24 x 36 print on aluminum
inset metal mount 950
inset frame 1100
16x24 print on paper 500
Other sizes are priced accordingly

Other photographs

Photographs are printed on high quality archival art paper. Prints may be digital chromogenic prints or archival inkjet prints. Price varies with size and framing. Following is a guideline.

Prints on paper, framed
12x18 300
16x24 500
20x30 600

Special Photographs and Custom Commissions

Some special images, such as large panoramas, specially framed images, and limited editions, will be priced accordingly. Similarly, custom commissions are always possible. 

Again, the best approach is to contact me to discuss prints.

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