Visions of Nature published

I have just published the Visions of Nature book, the culmination of a multi-year project. See the Books page. In these images, I have been exploring the concept of “defamilarization,” according to which art strives to render the familiar as unfamiliar in order to inspire fresh perspectives, new ways of seeing the colors, shapes, and patterns of familiar objects. Includes an introductory essay on the inspirations behind the series, including leading Twentieth Century figures and schools of art, including Viktor Schklovsky, who originated the idea of “defamiliarization;” Abstract Expressionism; and the artists Vassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, and Jackson Pollock. 

 Visions of Nature is a large format book (13 x 11 inches) with more than fifty digitally processed photographs revealing nature in stunning colors and provocative visions. Large format landscape 13 x 11 inches. More than 50 original photographs, 78 pages, with an Introduction. It’s available in multiple editions, including a “Special Edition” printed in the highest quality on 140# art paper. An ebook formatted for Kindle or Apple and a PDF version are also available. Visit the book page at Blurb or the Special Edition

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