1. New Work - “Visions of Nature”

    Date 23 Jul 2018
    This image originated on the same trip to Newport last week. It was shot in Buttonwood Park. The finished image belongs to the Visions of Nature series, in which images from nature are digitally processed. While some of the images in that series have their appearance altered quite significantly, this…

  2. New Images - Sachuest Point Reservation Field

    Date 22 Jul 2018
    I spent some time last week with my friend Rich shooting in and around Newport RI. One of my favorite spots was the Sachuest Point National Wildlife Reservation. This new image results from that outing. I like textures, especially textures which naturally occur in nature. It is interesting how some…

  3. Featured Collection - Visions of Nature

    Date 19 May 2018
    Visions of Nature (gallery here) explores digitally manipulated nature images in order to reveal unseen layers of a deeper reality thereby generating a fresh and different appreciation of the colors, patterns, and textures of nature. Art can render the familiar unfamiliar in order to achieve a vision perhaps not immediately…

  4. New Images: Nature

    Date 10 Jan 2018
    Often we think we need to find subjects that are unusual, striking, dramatic. And such subjects do tend to make interesting photographs. But I find nature dramatic just as it is. Nature appeals to me even in the most mundane scenes, such as a stand of beach grass, or moss…

  5. Featured Image: Westport, Mass

    Date 26 Dec 2017
    The featured photograph on the front page was shot in Westport Mass on an early morning in August. Westport is the southwesternmost part of that piece of southeastern Massachusetts that leads to Cape Cod and lies east of Rhode Island. It’s a strongly coastal environment. The colors in the image…

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