Joanne Mason

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

— Jonathan Swift

I have been entranced by photography ever since my grandmother, an avid enthusiast photographer herself, gave me my first camera, a little Kodak box camera. 

For almost forty years, my primary work has been in education, in both teaching (mathematics) and administration. I was born in New York City and grew up in Ohio and New Jersey. I’ve lived in New York City, Michigan, Boston, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Maryland, San Francisco and Los Angeles California, Sydney and Melbourne Australia, and Connecticut. I work at photography more intensively now since retiring from education. I find new visions, perspectives, and energy coming to fruition in my photography.

Photography is unique in its capacity to simultaneously document and challenge our perceptions of reality. Photography helps us challenge our way of seeing, perhaps to see what may have been unseen. I am guided in part by the writings of Viktor Schklovsky (1893-1984), a prominent member of the Russian Formalist School of literary criticism. For Schklovsky, the purpose of art is to make the familiar unfamiliar (ostranenie = “defamiliarization”) in order to view things in new ways, to perceive layers of reality hidden from our immediate view (Art as Technique, 1917).

I am mostly self-taught, though over the years I have been fortunate to have good mentors and to be able to draw inspiration from numerous masters of the medium.

BS Manhattan College
MA Michigan State University
MA Columbia University Teachers College

Advanced Digital Photography, with Elyse Shapiro, The Silvermine Guild of Artists, New Canaan CT

Honorable Mention, Silvermine Annual Art Exhibition (for MacDowell Lake, New Hampshire)

1st Place, Silvermine Annual Art Exhibition (for Trees, from Impressions of Nature)

Editor’s Choice Award, Photo Review Annual Competition (for Spring Pond)

Solo show: First Bank of Greenwich, January-February, 2016

Private collections around the country and published in numerous magazines.

Books: Landscapes of the American West, 2012
Impressions of Nature, forthcoming

Most of my work is available for license and/or purchase. If interested, please contact me.

All work is copyrighted by Joanne Mason. All rights reserved.

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